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The "Il Fienile" restaurant is located in the Torca hamlet,
in the municipality of Massa Lubrense, near Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi.

It was opened in June 2012 by the Guarracino family, after renovating an old family barn.

Fruit and vegetables come directly from the garden, the fish is fresh and from our sea and the meat is also local. All cooked with the passion and creativity of chef Luigi, also a master of pasta and handmade desserts.

We also produce olive oil, wine and some digestifs such as blueberry, limoncello and fennel.

We do not hesitate to cater for any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten free or any personal preference).

"Immersed in nature and overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, it is the perfect location for a culinary experience dedicated to healthy eating and relaxation."



With food you can give joy and a smile.

1. Choose ingredients carefully.
Our dishes are those of the tradition of our land: from appetizers to desserts we offer authentic flavors. The choice of each single recipe is based on the availability of fresh and local ingredients.
2. Each customer must feel at home.
We welcome everyone with a smile and we are happy if we see you coming back. We listen to your preferences, we want to satisfy your wishes and we are pleased to tell you about us and our restaurant.
3. Create a welcoming environment.
We never tire of taking care of every corner of the restaurant. Plants and flowers must never be missing, we carefully choose the music and organize the space so that it can meet every need.
4. Take care of the vegetable garden.
The vegetable garden is right next to the restaurant and everyone can visit it. Throughout the year you can find seasonal vegetables. There are also fruit trees and olive trees for our oil.